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History of “The Romania Project”


The following lists the main significant events in the development of the Romania Project:-

1990 Four Romanian youth leaders attended a Crusader camp in England
1991 The first camp was held in Romania for 60 children, run by 12 British leaders
1992 Five camps were held on two sites in Romania, and up to 30 camps p.a. in later years
1994 Leadership training courses were held in several centres in Romania
1995 The Cristia Foundation was registered as an NGO in Romania with a national office
1996 The first Cristia training course was held and the first teaching book was translated
1997 The first Cristia club was started and Romanian leaders visited Britain
1998 The Spirit Euxin watersports centre was started at Corbu in addition to camps
1999 First children's holiday clubs held in four towns, and second teaching book translated
2000 New director of Cristia elected, further club training, and more holiday clubs
2001 A permanent Cristia campsite and youth centre was started at Voroneţt
2002 Cristia Association appointed a second field worker for western Romania
2003 Training of leaders in discipleship, and discipleship included in holiday clubs
2004 Cristia decide to appoint a third field worker to cover the south of Romania
2005 A network of clubs developed in and around Petrosani in the South of Romania
2006 Camp Cristia now able to cater for both summer and winter use.
        First all-Romanian group leads Holiday Clubs in Bacau and Onesti
2007 A team of volunteer Romanian leaders established in the South who develop a
        comprehensive network of childrens clubs in several outlying villages
2008 Cristia became independent of UK support
        The “Romania Project” had therefore achieved it’s aim to create an indigenous
        Christian youth work in Romania
        New vision developed through prayer. New focus on work in the Petrosani area


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